National Roundtable on Interlibrary Loan
bbia_logoOrganized by BLIA and Veliko Tarnovo Public Library
National Roundtable on „Present state and future perspectives of interlibrary loan in Bulgaria. International practices and instruments“ was held on 14-15 October 2010 in Veliko Tаrnovo.
The forum was attended by 80 participants from libraries and partner organisations. Professionals from different types of libraries – regional, academic, special, big and small-sized public libraries initated an useful discussion about the urgent need for up-to-date, organized interlibrary loan and documents delivery service in Bulgarian libraries.

In September BLIA made a survey of the present state and quality of this service in libraries and summarized the propositions for changing regulations. The results of the survey were presented in the main paper of the Roundtable. The participants discussed national and international documents, on which resourse sharing and electronic delivery of documents are based, shared their experience and successful practices, pointed out problem areas in providing the service, and suggested ways for solving them.

It was noted that despite the existence of modern practices in particular libraries, on a national scale the interlibrary loans service and electronic delivery of documents are insufficient. Electronic delivery is recently started service and needs better regulation. Interlibrary loan is completely unavailable for library patrons in smaller towns.
The participants in the National Roundtable agreed on the following ideas for stimulating and optimizing interlibrary loan service and electronic documents delivery in Bulgaria:
  1. Development of National Interlibrary Loan Code, co-ordinated by BLIA, based on liberal national policy and cooperation between libraries for resourse sharing.
  2. Researching possibilities for introducing a payment system for interlibrary loan service between libraries in Bulgaria, similar to the IFLA Voucher Scheme.
  3. Organizing annual meetings for sharing experience with standards and successful practices in interlibrary loans in Bulgaria and abroad.
  4. Including Interlibrary loan in programs for continuing education of Bulgarian Library and Infromation Association.
  5. Finding opportunities for joint projects between libraries for technical realization of electronic delivery of documents.

The participants in the National Roundtable selected a Working group for preparation of a project for Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Code.


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