Exchange in Greece under Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility Program (Lifelong Learning)

bbia logoTen colleagues, lecturers in the Program for acquiring degree III for professional qualification in librarianship took part in one week exchange in the Central Library of Veria, Northern Greece.
BLIA’s project “Innovations and modern practices in contemporary library: Exchange in the Central Library of Veria, Greece” was approved for funding by the Centre for human resource development under the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Program (sub-program Leonardo Da Vinci: Mobility of professionals in vocational education and training).
BLIA aims at enhancing competency of lecturers and the quality of teaching in the training organized by the Centre for vocational education of Innovative Community Centres Association. Our professionals had the opportunity to visit the Library of Veria and see in practice their vision and practices for creating one of the most innovative libraries in Europe. They will ideas, best practices and models in the teaching process of the Program for acquiring degree III for professional qualification in librarianship.
The visit took place from 14 to 20 October 2012.
The five-day working program consisted of various activities: visits to different departments of the library and discussions of management issues with the staff, listening to guest lecturers on professional qualification of Greek librarians, digitization of written heritage, the role of library leader. The hosts also included tours to children’s libraries in Thessaloniki, renovated by “Future Library” program.
The participants summarized the knowledge obtained at a workshop on December 7, 2012. More details of the workshop:

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