2nd Future Library INELI-Balkans Convening – The power of network Print
 future-library m   All of the above will unfold in the 2nd INELI-Balkans Convening in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 25 – 28 November 2016! Four days of knowledge sharing, idea pitching, creative expression and fun are awaiting the library Innovators who went through an intense process of new library service design this summer. The 2nd INELI-Balkans Convening will reveal the winners of Innovation Awards and mark the beginning of five New Library Projects. Above all, it will demonstrate the wealth of scalable project ideas and partnerships accumulated during a year’s collaborative work, that now manifest a strengthened Future Library INELI-Balkans network. Organized by Future Library in partnership with the Bulgarian Library and Information Association and the Global Libraries Bulgaria Foundation, the 2nd INELI-Balkans Convening boasts of a rich program of educational activities that aim to highlight the aspects and potential of the network.

Special focus will be given to the dozens of new library service designs prompted by the INELI-Balkans Call for New Library Services: original ideas and effective plans for serving the unserved, touching upon new impact areas, crossing over the boundaries of academic disciplines and economic sectors, making libraries an integral part of their communities’ learning infrastructure and development goals. 

Evidence of the multiplier effect of the network, the new designs will be explored in relation to the existing Balkan library initiatives, such as a virtual youth academy for 3D printing, services for agricultural workers, services on financial management, robust digitization programs, lifelong education, schemes fighting urban unemployment and rural isolation, new technology services by libraries affected by natural disasters and surviving wars. In this light, the network will be viewed in its unique capacity, by means of its training and remote collaboration programs, to tap into the resourcefulness of libraries in the Balkan region and thereby drive new developments.

The November Convening is expected to be an immersive experience! The INELI-Balkans e-learning course will be revisited, while interactive sessions on evaluating impact and sustaining the network will provide the Future Library network members with new perspectives and future prospects. The program includes a delightful study visit to the state-of-the-art children’s learning space, Muzeiko, as well as presentations of innovation in libraries, such as the new Varna Public Library, the Innovative Community Centres Association and the Librar-e Turkey project. The grand highlight will be the Innovation Awards ceremony, during which Future Library will announce the 5 winners for New Library Projects.

Fueled by innovative thinking, reflecting and renewing their wholehearted commitment to the development of a networked environment, the Future Library INELI-Balkans talents will gather once more, this time to look back at a year of achievements, to reaffirm their ties and to celebrate the library network’s power to bring southeastern European creativity and productivity to the fore.