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BLIA's annual awards statute



1. The awards are established by BLIA Governing Board.

     1.1. The awards were constituted in 2010 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of BLIA.
     1.2. The awards shall be conferred annually in recognition of achievements during the year.
     1.3. The award consists of honorary plaque and a sum, appointed by BLIA Governing Board each year.


2. The awards are conferred by entering a competition for:

  • Outstanding achievements in implementation of libraries’ main functions and contributions for raising their image in society:
  • Introduction of innovative services for users that raised the significance of the library in the community
  • Implementation of projects with high public visibility and professional  significance
  • Activities that raised the image of Bulgarian libraries and librarians abroad.
  • Scientific achievements in the field of library and information science and innovations in professional trainings of library and information specialists.
  • Contributions to development and implementation of policies in librarianship.
  • Contributions to establishing positive image of libraries and their stronger presence in media and local community.
  • Contributions to Bulgarian Library and Information Association and raising the prestige of the organization.

3.1. Nominations for BLIA annual awards can be made by:

  • BLIA regional offices;
  • Managing boards of libraries;
  • Community centres Boards of Trustees;
  • School Boards;
  • BLIA’s sections;
  • University and higher schools boards;
  • Members of BLIA.

3.2. A template has to be filled in for each nomination, accompanied by materials in support of the nomination.
3.3. Announcement for the competition is published on BLIA website, e-magazine of BLIA and other media, with copies to managers of regional offices.
3.4. Awards:

     LIBRARY OF THE YEAR – 1 award
     LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR – 1 award
     DIPLOMA for nomination in annual awards

4.1. The awards for LIBRARY OF THE YEAR; LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR and YOUNG LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR are presented on May 11 – in celebration of  Library and Information professionals’ day.
4.2. SUPPORT FOR LIBRARIES award is presented on November 1 – Leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival Day.
4.3. The awards are conferred following the Procedure for BLIA annual awards conferment, approved by the Governing Board.

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