• BLIADevelop and promote ideas and concepts for the implementation of national library, information and cultural policies.
  • Continue working on the development of updated library regulations, relevant to the needs of different types of libraries.
  • Assist and encourage the development of library and information sector in Bulgaria in line with the European and international standards and tendencies.
  • Stimulate cooperation between libraries
  • Participate in current national programs and initiate new programs and projects at local, national and international level.
  • Provide systematic support for enhancing professional qualification and the continuing education of library and information specialists.
  • Expand and consolidate the Association’s structure; further develop BLIA’s cooperation with the international library community.
  • Develop publishing program and stimulate research and sociological surveys on current issues in the field.
  • Implement proactive advocacy and public communication for: 
    • transforming the profile and standing of the profession; 
    • increasing visibility of BLIA in the Bulgarian public sphere; 
    • attracting new partners in the country and abroad.
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