Annual Conferences

Conference 2005

BLIA annually holds a national conference on topics in the field of library development and information science. Specialists from all types of libraries country wide take part in these conferences.

During the conference panels participants are given opportunity to visit publishers’ exhibitions and attend presentations on advanced library technologies.

Past conferences:

Bulgarian Literary Heritage – Part of the European Cultural Space, 2018

Libraries – national identity and diversity, 2017

Dynamic Libraries – Access, Development, Change, 2016

Vision for the Future of Libraries in Bulgaria, 2015

Libraries in Transformation: Problems, Challenges, New Opportunities, 2014

Effectiveness of Libraries and Preparation of Library Professionals – Factor for Their Future, 2013

Libraries Today – Innovative Policies and Practices, 2012

Information society's needs and libraries: harmony or conflict?, 2011

Library of today – center for information and knowledge, 2010

Libraries and Cultural Heritage, 2009

Librarianship in 21st c. – changes and challenges, 2008

Libraries and the information literacy, 2007

Proud members of the European Union – through modern libraries, 2006

The Library - Community Information Center, 2005

Libraries and the contemporary Bulgarian legislation, 2004

Library Cooperation, 2003

Professional ethics - professional perspectives, 2002

ULISO in the beginning of 21st century, 2001

Library system in Bulgaria, 2000

Libraries in the 21 century – free and equal access to information, 1999

Library legislation, 1998

Information policy in Bulgaria: present development, 1997

Library collections: condition, preservation, development, 1996

Libraries and the future, 1995

Library and Information Services, 1994

Library education: present and future, 1993

The future calls for new technology, 1992

Libraries in changing societies, 1991
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