The Bulgarian Library and Information Association provides information to its members through publishing print and electronic newsletters, conference proceedings, publicity materials, and through the website of the Association.

  • Dynamic Libraries  Access, Development, Change (In Bulgarian), 2016 
    Proceedings from the XXVI National Conference of BLIA, Sofia
    ISBN 978-954-9837-30-8
  • Vision for the Future of Libraries in Bulgaria (In Bulgarian), 2015 
    Proceedings from the XXV National Conference of BLIA, Stara Zagora
    ISBN 978-954-9837-29-2
  • Libraries in Transformation: Problems, Challenges, New Opportunities (In Bulgarian), 2014
    Proceedings from the XXIV National Conference of BLIA, Sofia
    ISBN 978-954-9837-28-5
  • General Librarianship. Library Management. Textbook (In Bulgarian). 2014
    Authors: Aneta Doncheva, Vanya Grashkina-Mincheva, Elena Georgieva. Ed. V. Grashkina-Mincheva, Sv. Devkova. 
    Bulgarian Library and Information Association, Sofia. 
    ISBN ISBN 978-954-9837-24-7
  • Library, Reference and Information Services. Textbook (In Bulgarian).Authors: Elena Yanakieva, Krasimira Ignatova, Krasimira papazova, Tsvetanka Pancheva. Ed. V. Grashkina, Kr. Papazova, N. Grueva. Bulgarian Library and Information Association, Sofia, 2013
    ISBN 978-954-9837-26-1
  • Library Collections and Catalogs. Textbook (In Bulgarian) 2013.
    Author: Milena Milanova. Ed. Vanya Grashkina, Maria Kapitanova.
    Bulgarian Library and Information Association, Sofia.
    ISBN 978-954-9837-25-4
  • Effectiveness of Libraries and Preparation of Library Professionals – Factor for Their Future (In Bulgarian), 2013
    Proceedings from the XXIІІ National Conference of BLIA, Sofia
    ISBN 978-954-9837-27-8
  • National Strategy and Programme for Preservation and Access to the Written Heritage (In Bulgarian). Project. BLIA. Sofia, 2013.
  • Libraries Today – Innovative Policies and Practices (in Bulgarian), 2012
    Proceedings from the XXIІ National Conference of BLIA, Sofia ISBN 978-954-9837-23-0

  • The Needs of the Information Society and Libraries: Harmony or Conflict? (In Bulgarian), 2011 Proceedings from the XXI National Conference of BLIA, Blagoevgrad
    ISBN 978-954-9837-21-6

  • IFLA Public Library Service Guidelines (in Bulgarian),2011
    Ed. by Christie Koontz, Barbara Gubbin; Transl. by Diana Velkova-Gradinarova
    Bulgarian Library and Information Association, Sofia
    ISBN 978-954-9837-19-3
    The book was published in the frame of the project “Advancement and sustainable development of the library sector in Bulgaria”, supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.
    Full text | PDF (1,20 МB)
  • Library of today – center for information and knowledge (in Bulgarian), 2010
    Proceedings from the Twentieth National Conference of BLIA - Sofia
    ISBN 978-954-9837-18-6
  • Guidelines for development of public libraries (in Bulgarian),2009
    A handbook for library managers.
    Authors: Vanya Grashkina-Mincheva, Aneta Doncheva, Aleksandar Dimchev.
    University Publishing House “St. Kl. Ohridski” , Sofia.
    ISBN: 978-954-07-2856-8
    British Council - Bulgaria
    ISBN: 978-954-92360-2-6
    ISBN: 978-954-9837-16-2
    The book is part of the project Management of public libraries financed by the British Council – Bulgaria.
  • Librarianship in 21st c. – changes and challenges (in Bulgarian), 2009
    Proceedings from the Eighteenth National Conference of BLIA - Veliko Tarnovo
    ISBN 978-954-9837-17-9
  • Proud members of the European Union – through modern libraries (in Bulgarian), 2008
    Proceedings from the Sixteenth National Conference of ULISO - Sofia
    ISBN 978-954-9837-15-5
  • The Library as a Community Information Center (in Bulgarian), 2006
    A handbook for planning and building.
    Authors: Nancy Bolt, Bonnie McCune, James LaRue, Iskra Mihailova.
    2-nd revised edition.
    ISBN-10: 954-9837-14-9
    ISBN-13: 978-954-9837-14-8
    The book is published by the ABLE Project, supported by the USA Department of State.
  • Libraries and the Changes in Contemporary Bulgarian Legislation (in Bulgarian), 2004 
    Proceedings from the Fourteenth National Conference of ULISO - Varna
    ISBN 954-9837-12-2
  • Library Collaboration – Present and Future. Ideas and Perspectives for Researches in the Field of Written Communications (in Bulgarian), 2003
    Proceedings from the Thirteenth National Conference of ULISO - Sofia
    ISBN 954-9837-10-6
  • Social Responsibility of Public Libraries and Their Role in Democratic Society (in Bulgarian), 2003 
    Proceedings from National Conference of ULISO - 2002, Evksinograd
  • ULISO in the Beginning of 21 Century (in Bulgarian), 2002
    Proceedings from the Eleventh National Conference of ULISO - 2001, Sofia
    ISBN 954-9837-06-08
  • Professional Ethics – Professional Perspectives (in Bulgarian), 2002
    Proceedings from the Twelfth National Conference of ULISO - Sofia
    ISBN 954-9837-07-6
  • Library System in Bulgaria (in Bulgarian), 2001
    Proceedings from the Tenth National Conference of ULISO - 2000, Sofia
    ISBN 954-9837-05-Х
  • Libraries in the New Millennium – Free and Equal Access to Information (in Bulgarian), 1999 
    Proceedings from the Ninth National Conference of ULISO with International Participation - Sofia
    ISBN 954-9837-04-1
  • Librarianship in foreign countries: A Statute Book (in Bulgarian), 1998
    ISBN 954-9837-02-5
  • Librarianship in Bulgaria: 1878 1998: A Statute Book (in Bulgarian), 1998
    ISBN 954-9837-01-7
  • Library Legislation (in Bulgarian), 1998
    Proceedings from the Eighth National Conference of ULISO - Sofia
  • Public Libraries and the challenge of changes (in Bulgarian), 1998
    Proceedings from the National Conference of ULISO 1997, Blagoevgrad
  • Information Policy in Bulgaria  Formation and Current Development (in Bulgarian), 1997
    Proceedings from the Seventh National Conference of ULISO
  • National Program for the Preservation of Library Collections (in English and Bulgarian), 1997
    Published by ULISO and the Open Society Foundation Sofia
  • Librarianship in Bulgaria (in English), 1997
    Published by ULISO and Open Society Fund Sofia
  • Library Collections – Current Status, Preservation and Development (in Bulgarian), 1996
    Proceedings from the Sixth National Conference of ULISO Sofia
  • The Chitalishte Library – Tradition and Future (in Bulgarian), 1996
    Proceedings from a Jubilee Conference
  • Libraries and the Future (in Bulgarian), 1995
    Proceedings from the Fifth National Conference
  • Library – Information Services (in Bulgarian), 1994
    Proceedings from the Fourth National Conference of ULISO
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