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Center for Continuing Education for Librarians (CCEL)

The Center for Continuing Education for Librarians at the Bulgarian Library and Information Association was founded in 2001, in cooperation with the Department of Library and Information Studies and Cultural Policy at the Sofia University. The Center provides opportunities for professional qualification and continuing education for graduate specialists with bachelor’s or master’s degree.



CCEL is a focal point for continuing professional qualification in: library management, management of information resources, services and staff; introduction of new technologies and their application. The range of programs is designed to supplement and expand the knowledge and skills of university graduates in Library and Information Studies.

CCEL offers training for:

  • library managers, librarians, information specialists with bachelor’s or master’s degree, working in different  types of libraries;
  • graduate specialists with bachelor’s or master’s degree, working in other institutions;
  • librarians from the methodological departments of regional libraries, who provide consulting services and training for small libraries’ staff in their regions.

The curriculum complies with the current trends and standards in library and information service. It comprises the following modules:

Module І. Management for library leaders
Module ІІ. Library marketing and communication
Module ІІІ. Sociology of reading and readers. Library programs
Module ІV. Collection management. Cataloguing
Module V. Library services
Module VІ. Training of library users
Module VІІ. Technologies in libraries

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