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Vocational qualification in Librarianship

In compliance with The Public Libraries Act, the Bulgarian Library and Information Association, together with Innovative Community Centres Association (ICCA) launched vocational training for acquiring III level of vocational qualification as “Librarian”, specialization “Library science” for people with secondary education, who work or are willing to work in libraries, and have to acquire professional qualification not later than 7 years since the enforcement of the Public Libraries Act (Transitional and Concluding Provisions, Section 7).

BLIA’s initiative for vocational training of librarians with secondary education is a joint project with the ICCA Vocational Training Centre. ICCA:
  • Holds a License № 200612327, issued by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, for implementing vocational training in 35 specializations of 22 professions (vocations), in 14 vocational areas;
  • Offers full training course for acquiring III level of vocational qualification as “Librarian”, specialization “Library science”, as well as thematic trainings, which are part of the vocational training as “Librarian”.
  • The training is implemented in accordance with the provisions of The Vocational Education and Training Act, and upon its completion librarians with secondary education will be eligible to work in libraries according to the educational requirements of The Public Libraries Act (art. 21, par. 3; art. 29, par. 3; art. 35, par. 3; art. 39, par. 2).
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