I look forward to meeting with many of you if you are able to join us
to share ideas on what can be done to improve interlibrary loan at the
IFLA Interlibrary Loan Workshop in Sofia.

Date: Tuesday November 7
Time: Afternoon
Location: Sofia University
Cost: No registration fee
Language: Bulgarian with someone to help translate to and from English
Format: Presentations and discussions
Topics: We will talk about technologies, workflows, policies, and more.

Anticipated topics at the workshop:

1. Issues that the IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing
Section are working on:
1a. Guidelines for Best Practices
1b. Use of IFLA vouchers
1c. Activities of the committee
1d. International lending

2. What are some methods to manage interlibrary loan requests?
3. What are some options, including strengths and weaknesses, for
obtaining copies for your patrons? How can a supplying library provide
copies most efficiently?
4. What are the options, including strengths and weaknesses, for
obtaining loans for your patrons? How can a supplying library provide loans
most efficiently?
5. What national and library policies impact interlibrary loan? What
can be done about them?

You can help me develop a successful workshop by emailing me the
following information by October 10.

1. What other topics are you interested in?
2. What really works at your library?
3. What are your biggest challenges to meeting the
interlibrary loan
needs of your patrons?

4) Are you familiar with Atlas Systems Odyssey? It is similar to
Ariel® except it is free. It allows you to send and receive documents over
the Internet. See for more
information. I would like to test how well this product works between
the United States and Bulgaria. Please email me if you are interested in
testing. I can send you some free copies of any articles you need.

I will stay in Sofia following this workshop to attend the Globenet
conference I would be
very happy to continue conversations with anyone during the rest of the

This is the first interlibrary loan workshop like this from the IFLA
Section. It will be an opportunity for you to help us develop a program
that can be used in other countries. I look forward to working with you
to have a successful program and to learn what we can do to make it
better for another country.

Thank you to my colleague and friend Krassi Angelova for sharing this
email with all of you.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Warmest regards,

Lars Leon
Head of Access Services and Resource Sharing
University of Kansas Libraries
Lawrence, Kansas USA